Chairman’s Message


“Push The Boundaries Of What’s Possible”
Chairman: Muhammad Akram Rana

Working in Packaging industry have raised our responsibilities for more than ever, both ethically and environmentally. We work with paper. For us, paper is as precious and irreplaceable, as is our freedom to breath in open air. Working with paper has taught us to work with care, to own consequences, to stay protective and to deliver the best value to the products and services in use.
At Sardar Family Packages, we carry the same approach across the horizon of operations. The company strategy is based over the fundamentals of ethics and integrity. Each of our steps towards growth and success is marked with the value of ‘doing right for the right cause’.
We at Sardar Family Packages, rejuvenate with excellence to meet the challenges of ever changing needs of industry. Our commitment, ownership and dedication are the core strengths that wrap our organization with pride. We firmly believe that our success lies in unconditional reverence of the stakeholders. Our ethical standards and operational conduct are the most valuable assets of our company that empowers every affiliate of ours with confidence and vigor. This very confidence binds us all together objectively and stretch our potential to lead the industry pattern at all level. Muhammad Akram Rana








Sardar Family Packages (Pvt.) Limited is a reputed name of Packaging industry. Launched by Sardar Family, the company is a privately held organization which nailed its presence in the local Industry in the year 1999.
Since the earliest, quality and excellence have been the core value of business operations. It was only the transparent, result oriented approach of the company that won the trust of the customer base and paved the company’s way to expansion.
Within a limited span, Sardar Family Packages turned into the first choice of customers looking for quality. In the recent years, a considerable investment of efforts and assets have added value to the customer oriented production plan of the company.

Director: Rana Faisal Rauf

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