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Environmental Policy


We believes in the philosophy of adding sustainability to industrial ecology with green approach. The company is committed to the agenda of environmental protection. In the pursuit of achieving this objective, the company remains enthusiastic to transform the policy, procedures and operation at company level for constructive contribution and environmental sustainability.




Our approach is mindful and conscious in reference to social and environmental responsibilities. The company strategy is specifically driven to achieve sustainability over the fundamentals of social and environmental values. The quality stewardship of our company is based over the principles of social and environmental responsibility. At Sardar Family Packages, the concept of ‘shared planet’ is adapted to preserve environment with mutual efforts and add value to the ecology. The purpose is achieved by cultivation of socially and environmentally civilized citizen. The company environmental and quality policy is based over the goal of carrying intelligent practices on grounds of organizational priority for winning the confidence of stakeholders.


Sustainability Orientation


Our company operations are specifically inclined to add sustainability to industrial ecology. In this pursuit, the company strategy is to cautiously build the framework of services and environmental performance with a carefully crafted vision and quality driven approach. The cautious use of resource at organizational level and design of operative structure has specific focus on adapting the practices that are most preferable from the context of environmental protection. In this course, the organization ensures to:
1- Control consumption of resources, over the horizons of raw material, water and energy.
2- Control over processes and technologies that could contribute in environmental pollution.
3- Take complete information of raw material before the use to avoid use of environmentally harmful product.

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