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Code of Conduct


Proactive Approach


We consider customer complaints and environmental performance as the barometer of company’s success. The organization monitors and review company performance from these aspects by studying the quantitative and qualitative indicators with support of internal data analysis. The problems diagnosed from the regular analysis are catered with the innovative and effective solutions observed through error-cause analysis.


Supplier/Employee Relation Management


Our company follows a code of conduct that is determined over the fundamentals of ethical considerations with clear allocation of individual roles and responsibilities. Such a concise alignment of authority and structure build up a highly disciplined framework at organizational level that ensures compliance of quality standards at all levels.

Excel Beyond Customer Expectations


At Sardar Family Packages, we believe in regular upgrading of processes and procedure with injection of updated technologies and equipment for professional excellence. The cultivation of synergies with clients through professional communication to add transparency is the core of the strength of the operations of the company. Our business activities are cautiously cultivated to match the needs of customer. The purpose is to build up long term relationship with stakeholders by winning the trust of the customers. We consider the feedback of the customer as the most authentic criteria of success and utilizes it for adding efficacy to solutions with innovations.


Socially Responsible Culture


When it is about organizational culture, code of conduct and ethical responsibilities are the core values of our operations. Nurturing the behavior of every responsible person in organization with ethical compliances and environmental friendly practices is the focus of consideration of the organization. The HR department of the company invests considerable efforts in the education and transformation of human capital for developing their vision of quality responsibility.

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