RSC Regular Slotted Container

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This is the most common box style with falps that meet in the centre both top and bottom. Great for packaging any type of product from FMCG to Horticultural to Industrail products.

HSC Half Slotted Container


The same as the RSC but with only one set of flaps. Sits over the top of a product to provide protection.

FFSC- Full Flap Slotted Container


Flaps both top and bottom that reach the full width of the box. More suited to heavier and bulkier industrial products that need the added support and protection.

CSB- Crease Slotted Blank


This style is crease and slotted box blank that forms a tray-simply glue or staple. The product is easy to use and an economic way to package your requirments.

5PF- Five Panel Folder


This is a slotted box that provides a fifth panel as the closing falp – simply glue or staple. This style is excellent for packaging long and flat articles as it provides strength and protection from its full closure.

Box and Lid


Use two CSB’s to pack large flat products or two HSC’s to cap taller products. Both can be telescopic in their design to cater for differnet heights.

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